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Now, because we know that you simply cannot get enough of the superlative content that we regularly produce for you here on our blog at PowerAdmin, we thought that we’d create some more for you lucky people.

And so, starting today (February 11th 2015), we are posting up a very special extended 3-part feature exclusively on LinkedIn entitled ‘The Cost Of Downtime’.

Downtime is something that effects every single website in the world, and this means that if you have one, then it effects you too.

Even if your hosting service boasts a 99.9% uptime claim (any who claim 100% are simply lying), out of a 365-day year, this actually represents 3.65 days of downtime every year, or 7.2 hours a month, or 1.68 hours a week.

These figures cost. They cost time, they cost resources, they cost money, and they can cost you business.

And so that’s why we felt it our duty to produce for you all an extended 3-part guide as to how you may mitigate the inevitable costs of downtime. Click on the links below to read the guide.

Part 1 – ‘What Downtime Is, and What Causes It’ – is live now.

Part 2 – ‘Why It Costs, And Determining How Much’ – will be posted next Tuesday 17th February 2015 at 9am PST.

Part 3 – ‘How To Cut The Costs, And Other Sound Advice’ – will be posted the following Tuesday 24th February 2015 at 9am PST.

We’ve worked very hard at accumulating the best advice and data for you all for these articles, and we hope that they will be as invaluable to you as they are to us.

Enjoy them, and don’t forget to share and follow Power Admin on LinkedIn as well.

Happy uptime, everyone!!

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