How Can an IT Server Monitoring Service Improve Your Net Profits?

You might not think that an IT server monitoring service would have an impact on your net profits. IT-related costs often fall under operational expenses. As such, you have better control over these expenses and can look for different ways you can cut costs without affecting results.


Before we get to reviewing some of the ways active network monitoring and server monitoring can help cut operational costs and grow your net profits, let’s do a quick review of net profits.


What Are Net Profits?

Net profits consist of the money you have left after you pay all your business expenses, such as payroll, health insurance, unemployment insurance, production costs, utilities, maintenance and upkeep expenses, and so on. The more money you have left each period, the more profitable and successful your business is, so your goal should be to always look for ways to grow your net profits.


What Are Gross Profits?

Gross profits include the amount of money you bring in from selling your products, goods, and services. They do not reflect any of your expenses, costs of goods, etc. They are important because they let you know how much your business is earning before deducting expenses to determine your net profits.


Can Net Profits Increase if Gross Profits Remain the Same?

Yes, you can increase your net profits even though gross profits remain the same. How you do this is by cutting your expenses. If you can reduce your expenses AND increase your gross profits, your net profits will increase even more!


Now that we have covered the basics, you are probably still wondering how using an IT server monitoring service will help boost your net profits. Let’s find out now!


1. Active network monitoring helps you identify issues before they become major problems.

There are different types of logs your server operating systems generate. These logs can alert you to a wide range of issues, from application errors to user access errors, to equipment errors and more.


By taking the time to review these logs and any errors through your server monitoring service, you can address the issues immediately. As such, you could potentially avoid a server crash that results in lengthy downtimes.


When your employees cannot access the files and data they need to do their jobs, you are losing money. You are also losing money when your customers cannot access your website because your web server crashed. If they cannot access your site, they will find what they need from a competitor.


2. Network monitoring tools can help reduce labor costs.

When you are aware of potential issues before they become major problems, it will cost less labor to resolve them. In addition, the use of network monitoring applications allows you to configure various alerts when there are problems, so you can address them immediately when they occur.


3. Active server monitoring service can help lower utility expenses.

You are probably scratching your head wondering how this is possible. Yet, if you install temperature and humidity sensors in your server room, on server racks, and in servers, you can get a better picture of the amount of heat and humidity being generated and when.


These sensors can be configured to work with your server monitoring service with a few simple utilities, like SpeedFan, Environment Monitor, and SNMP. This allows you to adjust your cooling system based on server loads at various times throughout the day.


For example, you may be able to turn up the thermostat in your server room a few degrees every evening after normal business hours. By doing so, you reduce how often the cooling system runs overnight, thereby lowering your utility expenses.


4. Temperature monitoring of server hardware helps increase its lifespan.

A side effect and bonus that can cut expenses is not having to replace network server hardware as often. When hardware is operating within recommended temperature ranges, it works better and lasts longer. If there is ever an issue, you will be on top of it, thanks to your active server monitoring alerts.


5. Network monitoring tools improve security to avoid data loss and data breaches.

The last thing you need is to lose data or experience a data breach. When these things occur and the public is made aware of them, it affects your image and your brands, as well as customer confidence. This, in turn, can cause a loss in business.


Fortunately, when you can be alerted to suspicious activity quickly and have enabled your server monitoring service applications to lock out users and connected devices, you can reduce the risks of data loss and data breaches to avoid public humiliation and loss of business.


6. Your IT staff will have more free time to devote to important projects.

One of the biggest complaints with IT staff is that they never have enough time to work on their various projects because they are too busy putting out “fires” and fixing network issues and server problems. With active network monitoring, you will find that your IT staff is spending less time fixing things and has more time to devote to being proactive and completing other projects.


Often, the projects your IT staff members work on are meant to streamline processes to improve productivity, provide better customer service experiences, and other such things that have direct impacts on gross profits and net profits.


7. Your IT staff will spend less time troubleshooting and resolving issues and problems.

Whether you are experiencing network bandwidth issues, connectivity issues, or other problems, you will know right away which servers are affected, thanks to network and server monitoring solutions. Faster resolution times translate to getting your other employees back to work faster, as well as keeping your customers happy.


8. You can better manage and eliminate overtime expenses.

Since you will know what servers are having problems and when your IT staff won’t be needing to work, unnecessary overtime won’t be spent troubleshooting and tracking down problems. Rather, they will know right away what wrong and what server it is coming from, and they can get to work on resolving the issue.


Granted, you may still have some overtime expenses, especially if there are issues that need to be resolved after hours. However, thanks to your server monitoring service, after-hours issues will also be faster to resolve.



As you can see now, using the right types of server monitoring applications and tools can help reduce operational costs, free up staff to work on important projects, and ensure positive customer experiences.


How Can PA Server Monitor Help Increase Net Profits?

PA Server Monitor is a powerful network monitoring tool that streamlines network monitoring. For instance, you can easily access various logs and reports from the app, without having to access them through Windows, or know where to find these within the Windows operating environment.


Additionally, PA Server Monitor can interface with temperature and humidity monitoring when you connect various sensors and utilities. You can then use PA Server Monitor to send alerts by email and text message or through the appropriate iPhone, Android, or PagerDuty app.


Another important feature is the ability to not only monitor local networks and servers but also remote and satellite offices, as well as cloud-based servers. You will always know what is going on with your networks and servers, day or night.


Tired of putting out fires and fixing one problem after another because you never can seem to get ahead when you don’t know where the issues and problems are on your network and servers? Then try Power Admin’s PA Server Monitor today! We offer a free, 30-day, no-obligation, full-access trial.


To learn more about PA Server Monitor and our other types of server monitoring apps that can help you lower operating costs and grow your net profits, or to request your free 30-day full-access trial to PA Server Monitor or other apps, please feel free to contact Power Admin at 1-800-401-2339 today!



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