Help Your IT Staff Identify Security Breaches with a Cybersecurity Training Plan

In today’s digital age, having secure data solutions is essential for improving data loss prevention. Part of this solution should also include a cybersecurity training plan for your IT staff. Many companies make the mistake of pricing the tools to help prevent data breaches but never take the time to ensure their employees are properly trained on these applications.


What occurs is they are not able to quickly notice a potential data breach until after it is already in progress or has already happened. By then it is too late and your data is at risk. Even if you have the most experienced team of IT professionals, they still need the right cybersecurity training to ensure they are well-armed and prepared to spot data breaches.

Developing a Cybersecurity Training Plan

Before you can train your IT employees, you need to develop an appropriate training plan. There are outside firms that are experts at cybersecurity and which can help with training once they know what you need. These same firms may also offer testing to help you determine what level each of your employees is at and what training they require.


In general, you would want to verify they are aware of and practice data and cybersecurity basics like using two-factor authentication, strong passwords, etc. The next thing you need to do is determine what data has higher risks.


For example, employee payroll data and customer payment data would have a much higher risk than the onsite cafeteria’s or food truck’s weekly lunch menus.


Your plan also should include steps for protecting data when an employee is terminated. A disgruntled employee with access to sensitive data is a huge risk. An even greater risk is a terminated IT employee with a working knowledge of your cybersecurity and data loss prevention plans.


Furthermore, you want to make sure your cybersecurity training covers in detail how to terminate user access to user accounts, secure data stored on local devices, and protect data stored on network and cloud-based servers.


Last, you want to ensure every IT employee knows how to use your data loss prevention system and applications. Training should include how to configure the applications, establishing permissions, setting up alerts, automated processes, reviewing event logs and reports, etc.

Use Your IT Staff to Train Your Other Employees

Once your IT staff has been trained in cybersecurity and data security, they can train your employees in many vital areas. You might be surprised by how many employees have poor security practices like using the same password for every application, writing their passwords on a post-it and leaving it on their computer monitor, or openly sharing their username and password with their co-workers.


Employee training should be modified to fit the specific job duties and functions the employees have. For instance, your accounting department employees might require additional training compared to administrative employees.


By taking the time to not only ensure your IT staff but also your employees are sufficiently trained in the best cybersecurity and data practices, you can reduce the risks of data losses and data breaches internally and externally.


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