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Ever wonder how others might be using PA Server Monitor? We sure do!

And it was very kind of one of our customers to share a picuture of our software in action.

We won't say who it was, but we can say it's a Network Operations Center in Brazil for a high-profile, world-wide soccer organization.

The large monitor at right center is PA Server Monitor. (click the image for a larger view)

Soccer NOC

Do you have a picture of PA Server Monitor in action? Think it's cooler than this one?

If so, send it to us and we'll share, if you'd like us to!




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Rate this Article
Rating: 5.0/5 (3 votes cast)
Coolest Photo of PA Server Monitor in Action..., 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

William Thompson

William Thompson is the Marketing Manager at Power Admin, a server monitoring software business in the Kansas City area. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter. William has been a professional in website design, marketing and 3D/graphic design for over 20 years.

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  1. ur blog is really good for the people who are beginner
    great job

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