PA File Sight is a file monitoring software that helps you:

Ransomware Protection

Detects and protects against ransomware attacks caused by compromised computers. Supports honey pots and heuristics.

Leak Prevention*

Know when users are copying and interacting with files with real-time alerts. Dynamically and automatically block access for accounts that go beyond set thresholds.

* Requires Ultra features.

Helps protect servers from ransomware 

Easily audit file access, and monitor log files for tampering 

Meet compliance mandates and ensure file integrity

Know who deleted, changed and accessed a file

Audit File Access

Many compliance mandates require auditing file access and ensuring file integrity. PA File Sight can help meet those requirements.

Rest assured knowing that your information is secured

Power Admin, LLC has been building professional grade system monitoring products for many years. Our products are used by Fortune 500 companies, government entities and educational institutions around the world.


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Invisible Operations

PA File Sight is equipped with resource usage throttling, allowing for file auditing that will not slow down the network or server.

Quick Report Generation

Generates full audit reports in seconds instead of minutes, reducing wait time and streamlining operations.

Real-time Alerts

Stay notified and receive real-time alerts via email, text message, and requests to external applications.

Detailed Information

Get the user account, and the IP address/computer name the user accessed files from. 

Full 30-day trial - No sign-up or credit card information needed.

Full 30-day trial - No sign-up or credit card information needed.

The PA File Sight utility is an amazing tool for monitoring file usage. It's extremely comprehensive and flexible. Five Stars for the application and also the support. The support is better than I have experienced in a long time."

- Bill, IT Manager, Western OTB, USA 

Real-time file and folder monitoring

Receive an alert when a file or folder has been modified 

Monitor file and folder permission changes

Know the username, IP address and computer

Have a record of when a file was created, deleted, accessed, and changed

Does not rely on Windows Native Auditing

Helps with compliance (PCI, HIPPA, etc) 

Automatically block access for accounts that go beyond set thresholds 

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