IT Job OpportunitiesIT professionals are the life blood of many companies today. If their operations hinge on telecoms, email, or computing prowess of any kind, they’ll be needing experts in some aspect of information technology.

The Good News

This year, U.S. News and World Report has done an extensive survey of employment opportunities, including a list of its top technology jobs for 2015. Likewise, CompTIA has compiled a report based on consultations with almost 650 companies, covering the full spectrum from small to medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 members.

The good news from their findings (echoed by those of analyst firms like the Gartner group, and IDC) is that spending on the IT sector looks to increase this year, with expansions in the services sector, software, and hardware.

Compiling reviews of companies and management execs submitted by their employees, a report by Glassdoor suggests that 10 of the “best jobs in America” are in IT and related areas, and that hiring practices are extending IT job opportunities to all sectors of the US economy.

The Plum Positions

Here’s your pick of the ten, top-ranking jobs in information technology, this year:

1. Software Developer

Software DeveloperDatabases, apps, tablet, desktop and laptop-based software are the province of application developers, while systems developers focus on operating systems. Entry to this level typically requires candidates to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering, Mobile or Computer Science, or similar.

Expect an average wage of around $96,000 per , with the US Department of Labor predicting almost 140,000 jobs in this niche by 2022.

2. Computer Systems Analyst

A fairly broad term for experts with a broad remit. They’re the managers who have to assess the best hardware and software options for IT projects. Within an enterprise, they also have to mediate between the various stakeholders, computer programmers, and engineers. And, as their title suggests, they need to go hands-on to analyze and test their company’s systems.

Candidates should have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, and a good understanding of how software, hardware, and networks can be made to work at optimal levels.

3. Information Security Analyst

These IT professionals lay out and monitor the security protocols needed to protect commercial enterprises and government bodies from internal and external threats. Analysts also have to handle any security breaches that actually occur.

Jobs in this sector are expected to grow by some 36.5%, in the years leading up to 2022.

4. Web Developer

Developers need design skills to put together web pages, digital content, and web-based applications. Being able to see through the eyes of the average internet user, to understand their Web Developerpreferences, and how best to optimize design elements for various operating systems and device profiles, is a must. So too is some level of mastery of the various languages used to generate web content.

With the number of jobs expected to increase by 20% until 2022, and average yearly earnings in excess of $90,000, the internet should be at no loss for slickly designed content.

5. IT Manager

It comes with a great deal of responsibility and power, but the IT Manager Tools at the top of an organization’s IT division can at least take comfort in an average wage exceeding $100,000 a year, with almost 51,000 new positions expected by 2022.

6. Computer Systems Administrator

Sys admins take responsibility for the day-to-day running and troubleshooting of telecoms networks, business communications, and corporate computer systems. Nearly 43,000 new positions are expected by 2022.

7. Database Administrator

Database AdministratorThe professional responsible for setting up and maintaining a custom-fit database solution for an enterprise.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, and a proficiency in database management, operations, and maintenance could translate to an average yearly pay packet of almost $98,000.

8. Computer Programmer

Writing code, rewriting it, debugging, testing, and maintenance are the job parameters of this profession. Knowing the ins-and-outs of how various computer systems operate definitely helps. 8.3% growth in the sector is expected till 2022.

9. Data Scientist

A growing, but lucrative field, with average yearly earnings in excess of $120,000. These are the experts helping organizations to make sense of their increasing volumes of Big Data, through analytics, insight, and actions to improve customer experiences, and the delivery of sales and services.

10. Help Desk / Computer Support Specialist

Help Desk Computer Support SpecialistOften maligned and misunderstood, these professionals walk the thin line, keeping hardware and software operations running smoothly within their own organization, and keeping their customers happy.

Not as lucrative as the other jobs on the list, but this is a fast-growing field, with 123,000 new openings expected by 2022, and a growth rate of 17%.

Positive Signs

Looking for a good job? Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Educational or experience requirements
  • Opportunities currently available
  • Starting salary
  • Unemployment figures in your sector
  • Anticipated growth in job levels
  • Training and Promotion opportunities
  • Number of working hours per week
  • Medical and insurance coverage provided

If it’s something you’re interested in and good at, and it pays for the kind of life you want to lead, then go for it. Luckily, the information technology sector is on the rise, and looks set to grow for some time to come.

Do you agree with these? Tell us about your experiences, or what IT job you would love to get into below!

William Thompson is the Marketing Manager at Power Admin, a server monitoring software business in the Kansas City area. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter. William has been a professional in website design, digital marketing and 3D/graphic design for over 20 years.

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