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  • Top 3 Reporting Software of 2019

    Top 3 Reporting Software of 2019

    By Des Nnochiri   Reporting software is a part of a Business Intelligence or BI suite and is used for analysis in early data processing. The purpose of self-service reporting software is to help deliver interactive information that can be put into action. Self-service reporting software allows the user to connect data sources, extract data […]

  • Operation Data – The 18 Key Principles of DataOps

    Operation Data – The 18 Key Principles of DataOps

    by Des Nnochiri   The term DataOps was coined back in 2015 but only really became a significant force in professional circles during the latter part of 2017. But what is this latest tour de force in software development methodology?   Over the last decade, cloud technology has been well and truly embraced by organizations as […]

  • Marketing Personas and AI

    Marketing Personas and AI

    by Des Nnochiri   One of the bedrock elements of digital marketing is the creation of the customer or buyer persona – essentially, a fictionalized character representing the identity, personality traits, and purchasing habits of a typical consumer in a specific market sector or target demographic.   Traditionally, these personas have been created and managed […]