Recommended Server Room Temperature and Humidity

What are the ideal server room temperature and humidity levels where you store your servers? This is an important question you should know the answer to whether you are responsible for managing racks of servers or a small business owner with a single server.


Servers house your data, files, and other information to make it easily accessible from any connected workstation. If the server room gets too hot or too humid, it can cause your servers to overheat and fail. Staying on top of temperatures is easy with the right monitoring setup and configuration.


What Is the Ideal Server Room Temperature?

You want to maintain a temperature range between 65- and 75-degrees Fahrenheit (18- to 24-degrees Celsius). To maintain this temperature range, you may need to install a separate HVAC unit just to cool the server room.

What Is the Ideal Server Room Humidity?

The ideal humidity level is between 40 and 50%. As humidity levels rise, the amount of water vapor in the air increases. This can cause condensation to occur on servers. As anyone knows, water and electronics do not mix.

What Is Needed to Monitor Server Room Temperature and Humidity?

You will need various temperature and humidity sensors placed in key locations in the server room. You will also want sensors near the server racks. The temperature of your servers in the racks will be higher than the temperature in the room.


These sensors should be connected to a remote server monitoring service like PA Server Monitor. There are various temperature- and humidity-monitoring capabilities depending on the placement of the sensors, including:

  • CPU, Chassis, GPU, and Hard Drives:

    To monitor temperatures, you can use the free SpeedFan utility. SpeedFan can monitor temperatures from all attached probes installed in your servers. When connected to PA Server Monitor, you can be alerted if values exceed preset threshold levels.

  • Room Temperature and Humidity Monitoring:

    You can use the Environment Monitor app and connect this to ESensor EM01B devices. These devices can be placed in several locations in the server room and interface with your network. This allows you to configure the ESensors in PA Server Monitor to actively monitor temperatures and humidity levels in your server room.

  • Other Temperature Probes:

    You can connect many other devices that monitor server room temperature and humidity levels. PA Server Monitor has the ability to access these devices by using SNMP. Once configured, PA Server Monitor will alert you when temperatures and humidity levels exceed established thresholds.


What Types of Server Room Temperature and Humidity Alerts Are Available?

PA Server Monitor can be configured to send several different types of alerts using one or more of the following notification methods:

  • Email
  • Text Messaging
  • iPhone App
  • Android App
  • PagerDuty App

Whenever a preset threshold for temperature or humidity is passed, an alert is sent. You can even control who gets the alerts and by which methods.


PA Server Monitor can do much more than connect to your server room temperature and humidity sensors for active monitoring. The software app provides many useful features and configuration options for active network monitoring 24/7. 


To learn more about these features and options, or to request your free 30-day full-access trial to PA Server Monitor, please feel free to contact Power Admin at 1-800-401-2339 today!