Important possessions are often protected with a lock, chains, and welded metal. But many people protect some of their most valuable belongings with only one word. A password. How important is a password? What kinds of things do they protect? History has some interesting cases of passwords, especially considering why they were invented in the first place. How often were some of the most important passwords changed? What were they used for? These mere words have an interesting history.

But why do people need to worry so much about passwords now? You may be surprised how many passwords you use and how much of your life is guarded by passwords. For example, What about the password you use for your bank account. It allows access to money and maybe even your physical address, phone number, and more. How long might it take to crack that password and gain access to your entire financial history? Would you trust a total stranger with your information?

A person cannot put a padlock on their favorite online shopping account. They must learn the trick to creating passwords from all the options available to them. And why not use the same password for everything? Because once that hacker has found your password for one site, he or she has access to everywhere that password was used. But what can people do to make passwords harder to figure out? How can they create a lock from a string of characters?

Check out the infographic from Instant Checkmate, for answers to these questions and more. It holds all kinds of password-related information that can help people use words to protect their lives. People can read, learn, and use that knowledge to create passwords that will help give them the upper hand against hackers from all over the world.

Creating Passwords Infographic

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