11 Tech Blogs to Bookmark in 2019

By Des Nnochiri


The fact that you’re reading this suggests that you like to keep on top of what’s new in tech. With anything and everything now being considered “newsworthy”, it can be hard to filter out the articles that are actually relevant to your interests. That’s why if you’re keen to keep yourself up-to-date on the upcoming digital trends and gadgets of 2019, we suggest bookmarking some of these blogs so that all of your desired reading is just a click away.



TechCrunch was founded in 2005 with an initial focus on new technology from Silicon Valley start-ups but now covers all tech-related news from across the world. The site employs more than fifteen writers and editors and releases several new articles each day on subjects ranging from emerging start-up companies, to innovations in medical technology, to updates to our favourite apps. 



Mashable isn’t just a tech blog; the site is broken up into sections related to science, entertainment, and even politics, but it deserves a mention here as it keeps all things digital at the forefront. It was initially launched in 2005 as a basic WordPress blog, with founder Pete Cashmore as its sole contributor, but quickly gained popularity. It’s now supported by its own technology and is one of the largest and most regularly-updated digital news blogs, boasting 28 million social media followers. 



Galido is an IT blog that provides computer tips, tricks, solutions, news, and information. The blog features a collection of tech blogs containing links to IT-related topics, software, hardware, cool sites, news on gadgets, where to get them, search engine optimization, and more.



Gizmodo and another blog on this list, Engadget, share a co-founder—Peter Rojas. Though they have their similarities, these two blogs serve different purposes. Since its inception, Gizmodo has been a reliable source of news surrounding the design and science side of technology, including science fiction. There are now ten Gizmodo websites that serve global markets including Japan, Brazil, and Australia.



As mentioned, Engadget is a kind of sister site to Gizmodo. It’s more focused on reviewing new gadgets and keeping us updated on the hardware side of things. There’s a buyers’ guide section for those of us who need a quick overview of which devices are performing and selling best right now, perfect for times of gift-giving.


Road to VR

For those of you wanting to get news on more specific elements of technology—rather than the overviews most of these blogs will give—you may want to keep an eye on Road to VR. Virtual reality is no longer just a fun science fiction buzzword – it’s already revolutionised gaming and is already making an impact on other sectors, such as medicine. Road to VR has been giving us news on virtual reality and augmented reality since 2011, and with these technologies seeing a steady rise in popularity, this will be a blog to watch in 2019.




While other blogs on this site mostly look at user interface level, ReadWrite gazes deeper into the supporting technology and software developments. It has articles on the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Fintech, and more. Basically, if it’s something Elon Musk would take an interest in, it’s most likely written about here.



Techmeme is an independent news aggregator that updates in almost real-time with the latest in technology news. Rather than employing a lot of writers, this site is updated automatically by scraping other websites and blogs. If you only want to bookmark one website for daily reference, this would be a good one to pick as it has likely collated stories from the others listed here.


The Verge

This extremely sleek and shiny website houses blogs on technology, science, and the culture surrounding them. Several new articles are uploaded to The Verge daily, but the front page is less cluttered than those of some of the other sites on this list, making it easier to sift through them. It’s also more mobile-friendly than some of the others due to slightly fewer ads and a cleaner layout, making this one of the best to browse on the go.



VentureBeat articles and events are aimed at developers, business owners, and true technology enthusiasts. This site is less for casual readers and more for people who need to keep informed on digital trends for their work. It provides research and guidance for start-ups, established businesses, and fellow blog writers. The subjects written about include transport, gaming, development, and marketing, so many IT professionals will find something useful here.


Technology Review

Of course, the writers at the MIT Technology Review know their stuff, but they write for both experts and laymen alike. Technology Review is run by a large team of professionals and specialists with a shared wealth of technical knowledge, which they aim to make accessible through their articles. Not only is the information available online, they also run live events, so bookmarking this blog is worthwhile if you’re ever interested in attending. 


Final Thoughts

We’ve chosen these blogs as they’re some of the biggest and have access to the latest stories and good-sizes teams to update their readers regularly. With the exception of the Technology Review, these all began as independent websites founded by technology enthusiasts. Are you working on a blog at the moment? Maybe we’ll see you on one of these lists next year.