This help page is for version 3.8. The latest available help is for version 8.1.

Database Settings

PA Server Monitor needs a place to store the data that it collects during operation. There are two choices available for data storage.

If you change the database settings, you will be prompted whether you want to copy your existing data from the current database to the new database. Depending on the size of your current databases, this can take a while (a large installation with 6GB of databases takes over a day for the transfer).

Database Cleanup

No maintenance is required for the databases. All monitors automatically remove old data from the databases automatically to help control database growth. You can control how many days of data is kept for the monitors via the Database Cleanup button.

More about Microsoft SQL Server and PA Server Monitor

To use SQL Server for storage, you need to install the SQL Server Native Client library, which is Microsoft's latest database connection technology.

If you did not install the Native Client Library at installation time, you can now by launching the installation file named sqlncli.msi, which will be located in the home directory of PA Server Monitor (normally C:\Program Files\PA Server Monitor.)

The following configuration data needs to be specified to use SQL Server:

If you do not need or wish to use SQL Server as the database for PA Server Monitor, the SQL Server Native Client Library does not need to be installed.

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