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This help page is for version 9.3. The latest available help is for version 9.4.

How to Integrate with PA Storage Monitor

PA Storage Monitor has a variety of ways to integrate into your business to help support business needs. A few integration points and ideas are listed below.

Sending Alerts to External Systems

Use the built-in PagerDuty Action to forward notifications and fixed events.
SIEM Systems
Security Information and Event Management systems often accept incoming data via Syslog or SNMP Trap.
This HOWTO page shows how to use the Call URL action to forward alerts to Slack
Ticketing System
Many customers use the Call URL action to put tickets into their helpdesk/trouble ticket system.
Execute Script
The Execute Script action can be used to run VBScript, Javascript and Powershell scripts to send alerts to your existing systems.
Run Program
Some customers use the Start Application action to pass alert details to other programs.

Enterprise Configuration Syncing

A number of customers need to keep their configuration management (often home-grown systems) in sync with their monitoring so nothing slips through the cracks.

Sync Current System Lists
Most of the External API is useful for keeping track of what is monitored.
Sync Current Network Devices
The ConfigComputerInfo and ConfigGroupInfo tables are specifically for external application usage to see what computers are being monitored.
Automatically Monitor New Devices
The Network Scanner can run periodically and discover new devices on the network and start monitoring them.

Extending Report Usage

Show Reports
Besides showing some reports on large screens in the IT department, some people show reports in an IFRAME on their own report page.
Generate Chart Images
The External API's CREATE_CHART command can generate chart images like those on the server status reports.
Use Existing Charts
Some customers will show charts in existing Scheduled Report from their own web-based report via simple HTTPS link to the image .
Import Raw Monitored Data
Some customers have their Scheduled Reports write out CSV files that are imported into their other systems for processing.

Direct Data Usage

Extract Data
You can extract data from the PA Storage Monitor databases for use in your own systems.

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