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This help page is for version 9.3. The latest available help is for version 9.4.

How to Find MP3 and Other File Types on the Server

The File System Analyzer monitor of PA Storage Monitor will catalog a file system so you can easily find out what is stored at a high level. Sometimes you want to know about specific files or file types though, such as MP3, MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, AAC, etc. that might not be allowed on a file server.

To find these files (after the File System Analyzer has had a chance to complete at least one scan), run a Custom File Set report as shown below:

Select a Report Display Type, and Source Data (which contains the target directory that you want to check). Note that one display type is a .CSV file so you can easily import that list of files found into Excel, or some other application.

The most important part is the Filters and Parameters tab. Here you can specify one or more file types, each one separated with a comma.

You will end up with a file report like that shown below:

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