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This help page is for version 9.3. The latest available help is for version 9.4.

Starting the PA Storage Monitor Console

To start the PA Storage Monitor Console

  1. Double-click the PA Storage Monitor Console icon on your desktop. The Console connection window appears:
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select the Local Host option to connect to the monitoring service on the same computer.
    • Select the Remote Host option to connect to the host on a remote computer. Enter the remote host name, port number, user name, and password.

      Note: Remote access must previously have been configured in Settings > Remote Access.
  3. "Use Dark Mode" can optionally be checked to put the Console into dark mode for this session.
  4. A language option can be chosen for the Console. A language option can be set separately in System Settings for content that is created in the server.
  5. Click OK to connect and open the Console GUI. If there are any errors, an error message will offer hints on how to resolve them.
  6. The Console GUI will appear.

Note that there are also a few other options. You can make changes to the Database Settings, the Server HTTP/S Settings and the name used when connecting to the local server (localhost by default).

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