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Group Report Settings and Delivery

The Group Report Settings and Delivery dialog allows you to change some attributes of Group Reports. Group Report are shown when you select a group in the navigation pane. They can also be shown in a browser.

To display the Group Report Settings and Delivery dialog, go to "Report Settings" and select the "Group Settings" command item for the group whose group report options that you wish to work with, as shown.

Next, you will see the Group Report Settings and Delivery dialog displayed, as shown.

Here you can change the appearance and some characteristics of the Group Reports displays.

If you are an IT service provider and want to mail reports to your clients, be sure and set:

[DWORD]Reports_DisableNavButtons = 1

This will remove navigation links from the reports so clients won't be able to browse to other clients' reports. Naturally navigation within the Console will be unaffected.

Status Map Editor Dialog

The Status Map Editor dialog is displayed when you choose the Visual Status Map item in the list and press the Edit Report Settings button. A variety of map graphics are available by default, and you can add your own.

The functions provided by the Status Map editor are as follows.

When viewing the status map with a browser or in the Console, the map graphic will be stretched or shrunk as needed to fill the browser window that holds it. The icons will be moved appropriately so they remain in the same relative location on the map.

The following report display for a properly configured Status Map is typical. In this example, the map indicator and background map display was configured using the settings shown in the Status Map Editor figure above.

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