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This help page is for version 9.2. The latest available help is for version 9.5.

Installing the Central Monitoring Service

To install the Central Monitoring Service

  1. Run the PA File Sight setup program. The License Agreement page appears.

    Note: If this is an update from a previous version, the installation stops the existing service.

  2. Main Install Wizard License
  3. Select the I accept the agreement option, and then click Next. The Select Destination Location page appears.
  4. Main Install Wizard Select Destination
  5. Do one of the following:
    • Accept the default folder path.
    • Enter a new folder path in the box. You can click Browse to display a standard Windows browse window, and then navigate to your destination folder.
  6. Click Next. The Select Components page appears.
  7. Main Install Wizard Select Components
  8. Accept the defaults for a typical installation. You can select the components individually, or you can click the arrow, and then select an installation from the list. For a first installation, choose the default "Typical installation" with a monitoring service and console.
  9. Click Next. The Select Additional Tasks page appears.
  10. Main Install Wizard Select Additional Tasks
  11. Select the Create a desktop icon option if you want the installation to place an icon on your desktop.
  12. Select the SQL Server Native Client library option if you want to use Microsoft SQL Server as your backend database. You can leave this unchecked if you are not sure at this point -- this can be added later.
  13. Click Next. The Ready to Install page appears.
  14. Main Install Wizard Ready To Install
  15. Click Install. The Installing page appears. When the installation has finished, the Completing the PA File Sight Setup Wizard page appears.
  16. Main Install Wizard Complete
  17. Specify whether you want to start the PA File Sight Service or launch the PA File Sight Console by selecting its option, and then click Finish. If you have selected the option to launch the console, the PA File Sight Console window appears.
  18. Start Console

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