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This help page is for version 5.6. The latest available help is for version 8.2.

File Locations

PA File Sight stores a variety of files under the product directory. This will explain what and where they are.

C:\Program Files\PA File Sight
Product executable and DLL files
C:\Program Files\PA File Sight\CA
Self-signed SSL certificate files
C:\Program Files\PA File Sight\Config
Database containing computer, monitor, action, and report configuration. A Backup directory below this contains periodic exports of the configuration which you can use to go back to a previous point if needed. The backups do not contain password information.
C:\Program Files\PA File Sight\Databases
Database files which hold monitor findings as well as some system management data. If you choose to use MS SQL Server instead of the embedded database, only a few system management database files will exist here. This directory is configurable via Database Settings.
C:\Program Files\PA File Sight\Install
The PA File Sight installer will copy itself here, along with a few files to help Satellites upgrade themselves. When you download the Console installer from the product's main report page, it comes from this directory.
C:\Program Files\PA File Sight\Logs
Default location for internal product log files. This can be changed in Global Settings.
C:\Program Files\PA File Sight\Maps
The Visual Status Map report pulls initial maps graphics during configuration from this folder. You can add your own map graphics here if you wish.
C:\Program Files\PA File Sight\Reports
All reports are generated and stored in this directory. The Shared directory contains files used by all reports. You can delete this directory and everything will be recreated as needed. This directory is configurable via Report Settings.

PA File Sight

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