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PA Server Monitor Release Candidate

This page is where you can find our very latest release. Versions that make it to this page are considered solid and candidates for production release, but they haven't finished testing or received enough feedback yet. If we implement a feature or fix for you, we will typically send you to this page to try it out.

Click here if you are looking for the current Production Release.

Current Preview Release

Version is currently in testing.

New features include:

* Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1j (to protect against POODLE vulnerability)
* Server Status report charts shown in user's local time zone
* Find dialog works via Ctrl-F in more areas of the Console
* Fix for applying deltas to Event Log monitor from Monitors: Set Monitor Parameters
* User can control Sent Email, Service Start/Stop and Monitor Change permanent logs
* Fixed problem where some .CSV files couldn't get saved from a Scheduled Report
* Fixed Execute Script (PowerShell) StoreValue method
* Satellite up/down notification template can be left empty, in which case the email template will be used
* Charts sorted better when they are numeric
* Fix for shrinking Network Map
* Better support for Bulk Config's Monitors: Set Monitor Parameters for Event Log
* Process monitor will not append process name to end of path twice (and will fix existing monitors)
* Smart Config lets you specify a starting group for new computers
* SpeedFan temperature labels are editable
* Log rotation puts files into an Archive folder
* Fix for busy Satellites sending error events too slowly when under load
* Added default Bandwidth charts for Performance counters
* Logging and fix for generating SSL certificates
* Syslog monitor validates host more thoroughly before using it
* Fixed problem with retrieving disk space on ESX
* Event Log monitor writes to database more efficiently
* Registry value that will disable all database cleanup
* Fix for Execute Script where an alert could say "Script indicates actions should not be fired"
* Performance increase
* Web Page monitor fix for sites that need client certificates, but will continue without one
* New PermLog for servers entering and leaving maintenance
* Fix for a crash in the Group Status Column report
* Server leaving and entering maintenance mode system alerts can access server custom properties in Execute Script actions
* Fix for importing configurations, and for new installations
* Fixes for monitoring ESX statistics
* Console will give a hint if the HTTP server didn't start because of SSL certificate issues
* Server Status Report charts can use user-chosen units
* Standardized Permanent Log output, made easier to use in Excel, etc.
* SendMail function in VBScript will send as HTML if it sees a <!DOCTYPE in the body
* Smart Config can set server alias on new servers
* Fixed rare crash when network connection is dropped while SSL negotiation is taking place
* Fixed date in Permanent Logs

Download the Ultra Release Candidate

Download the Pro Release Candidate

Download the Lite Release Candidate

Download the Free Release Candidate

Updates / Upgrades

PA Server Monitor can be upgraded by simply installing the latest version on top of your existing installation. Your settings and databases will be upgraded as needed.

You might need to reset the PA Server Monitor service's Run As account (from Settings or the Windows Services applet), but other than that no further configuration changes will be needed.

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